Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Welcome Aboard!

Welcome to Cranberry County Magazine!

There isn't really a Cranberry County anywhere I'm aware of, and I did Google it for a hot minute. It's just the best description of our coverage area. I'm a little bit South Coast, he's a little bit South Shore, and we live on Cape Cod.

Location is everything. In a snap, we can be heading up Route 3 to Duxbury, or speeding towards Fall River, or rolling out to the edge of the Cape. Any real geographic designation only limits us, and we're already rather limited.

If you had to spot us on a map somewhere, start just where suburbia starts getting too crowded before Boston, and cut Southwest in a manner that only gets urban in a corner near Fall River and New Beffuh. Everything beyond that is St. Elsewhere, although part of the appeal of Cranberry County is that it can mean whatever we need it to.

We plan on hitting the ground running in these next few days, and among the subjects we'll touch upon will be Fall Foliage, Halloween, the Bridgewater Triangle, Cranberry Harvests/Recipes, and perhaps even some local political coverage.

We're also weather geeks, as our Fall Foliage lead-off article will plainly demonstrate soon enough. We'll be out on the roads during blizzards, we'll be down at the beach for coastal flooding, and we'll make every effort to embed ourselves into any tornado or microburst that might befall the blessed land of Cranberry County.

We have an impressive journalistic resume. The first article we worked on together (at another website) nearly put us in jail.  We've been hit by hurricane surf,  brought near a nuclear reactor, been spoken to by detectives, had crazy people charge us, and we once made the newsmobile spin around on a snowy road not once, not twice, but three times.

We'll do our best to keep you informed and entertained. We may be more Edutainment thn anything, but you'll have a good read whenever you come here.

Welcome aboard!